- This hackathon is open to students enrolled in any tertiary educational institution (ITE/Polytechnic/University) with at least 1 NUS student.


- A team can consist of at least 2 members, up to 4 and the members do not have to be from the same school. 

- Teams are not allowed to change their team members once registered.

- If shortlisted, all participants must be able to come down to NUS for the finale event on Saturday, 18th Februrary 2023.


- This hackathon ends on Saturday, 11th Februrary 2023, 2359 hours. You must stop, and must have submitted the project to the Hack For Good 2023 Devpost when it ends.

- All work on your project should be done at the hackathon.

- You are allowed to use an idea you had before the project.

- You can work on an idea you have worked on before (as long as you do not reuse code).

- You are allowed to use frameworks/libraries/open-source code in your projects. Remember to credit your sources appropriately in your submission.